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By Wisconsin Herd Staff /March 14, 2023

The Wisconsin Herd, NBA G League affiliate of the Milwaukee Bucks, lost to the Memphis Hustle 126-108. The Herd took an early lead but Memphis swiftly stole it back going ahead 17-9. The Herd battled back but Memphis stayed ahead 37-23 at the end of the first quarter. The Herd hit five three-pointers and shot 48.9% from the field in the second quarter but the Hustle remained ahead at the half. Elijah Hughes led the Herd with 12 points in the third quarter sparking a huge comeback in the fourth quarter. The Herd outscored the Hustle 25-20 in the fourth quarter but it wasn’t enough to secure the win.

Elijah Hughes led the Herd with 21 points while Paris Bass and Jontay Porter added 19 points each.

Matt Hurt guided the Hustle with 28 points followed by Dakota Mathias and Jacob Gilyard with 20 points each.

The Memphis Hustle scored the first basket of the game, but Paris Bass and Iverson Molinar teamed up to put the Herd ahead 4-2. The Hustle stole the lead back at the eight-minute mark and battled ahead 17-9. Rob Edwards completed a layup to stop the Hustle momentarily before they pushed ahead by 16 points. The Herd answered with consecutive three-point shots to cut down the Hustle’s lead. The Memphis Hustle held on to lead 37-23 at the end of the first quarter.

Brandon Sampson hit a fadeaway jump shot to open the second quarter. The Herd slowly chopped away at the Hustle’s lead with Paris Bass hitting back-to-back three-point shots. Iverson Molinar followed with consecutive baskets for five points. The two teams traded baskets while the Hustle slowly increased their lead to 25 points with two minutes remaining. Jontay Porter closed out the first half with eight straight points. The Hustle remained ahead 77-56. Jontay Porter led the Herd with 13 points.

Elijah Hughes started the third quarter for the Herd with six consecutive points to cut into the Hustle’s lead. The Herd kept the Hustle at bay answering every basket. Elijah Hughes hit another run of six straight points while Iverson Molinar and Alex Antetokounmpo added seven points. The Hustle outscored the Herd 6-2 to close out the third quarter 106-83.

The Hustle scored the first 10 points of the fourth quarter to go ahead 116-83. The Herd responded with nine unanswered points to come with 24 points. Wisconsin continued the comeback, outscoring the Hustle 13-6 and cutting down the Hustle’s lead to 17 points. Paris Bass closed out the game with a three-point basket, but it wasn’t enough to take over the Hustle as Memphis beat the Herd 126-108.

The Herd remains at Oshkosh Arena for the first of two games against the Maine Celtics on Wednesday, March 15th at 6:00 p.m. CST.