What is the NBA Development League?
The NBA Development League, or NBA G League, is the NBA’s official minor league, preparing players, coaches, officials, trainers and front office staff for the NBA while acting as the league’s research and development laboratory.

How many games are in an NBA Development League season?
Each G League teams plays a 50-game schedule. Twenty-four (24) of those games will be played at home.

When will the team begin play?
The team will begin play during the 2017-18 NBA G League season, which runs from November through April.

Where will the team play?
The team will play in the new 3,600-seat Menominee Nation Arena in Oshkosh.

Who will the team play?
The team will compete in the NBA G League, which includes 26 teams for the 2017-2018 season.

How can I watch the games?
All NBA G League games, with the exception of those that are televised nationally, are streamed live on Facebook Live. Log on to www.facebook.com/NBAGLeague before tip-off or find the link via the game page on NBAGLeague.com.

Who owns the team?
The new G League team will be owned by the Milwaukee Bucks.

When will tickets go on sale?
Fans can reserve season tickets for the inaugural season in Oshkosh now by visiting the Wisconsin Herd ticket index and placing a $100 deposit for standard seating or a $250 deposit for premium seating. Information on single-game tickets and partial season packages will be available at a later date.

How much will tickets cost?
Ticket pricing has not been finalized, but fans can expect a variety of ticket packages tailored to fit any budget.

How can I follow the team on social media?
The team has established accounts at www.instagram.com/wisconsinherd, www.twitter.com/wisconsinherd and www.facebook.com/wisconsinherd. Once a name for the team is finalized, those accounts will be updated to reflect the new name.

Will Bucks players regularly play on the team?
The G League provides an excellent avenue for young players to gain valuable experience. Two players on the current Bucks roster have G League experience, and operating our own G League franchise will provide even more opportunities for our younger players to continue developing their skills. All NBA players are eligible to be assigned to the NBA G League, with players having more than three years of NBA experience needing to consent to the assignment.

Where will the players come from?
The G League features a mix of young players, established pros looking for an opportunity to catch on with an NBA franchise, and players on assignment from their parent teams. The G League draft occurs each fall after NBA rosters are finalized.

Who is eligible to be drafted?
The league signs about 180 players each year to join the pool of draft-eligible prospects. They include college players who went undrafted in the NBA Draft, international prospects, and players who were recently waived by NBA teams following training camp. Players must be 18 years old to be eligible for the NBA G League Draft, as opposed to the NBA’s age minimum of 19.

How many NBA G League players have made it to the NBA?
An all-time high 135 players with NBA G League experience were on NBA rosters at the start of the 2016-17 regular season, representing 30 percent of the league. This group includes both players who were assigned from the NBA to the NBA G League and players who were called up from the NBA G League to the NBA at some point in their careers. At least 30 NBA G League prospects have been called up to the NBA in each of the past five seasons. A record 68 NBA players were assigned to the NBA G League an all-time high 321 total times in 2015-16, while almost 80 NBA players have been assigned to the NBA G League this season.

Where do NBA G League players come from?
There are eight different paths a player can take to the NBA G League:

  • NBA teams can assign players to their NBA G League affiliate and recall them at any time.
  • NBA teams can draft players and sign them to NBA G League contracts, thus retaining their rights through the “Draft Rights Player” rule.
  • New for the 2017-18 season, NBA teams may now designate up to two “two-way” players who are on the NBA team’s roster but will primarily play in the NBA G League
  • NBA teams can designate up to four players that they cut during training camp as “affiliate players,” meaning those players will join that team’s NBA G League affiliate (should the players choose to sign into the NBA G League). These players are signed under contract with the league rather than the team, however, meaning they are technically free agents who can be called up to any of the 30 NBA teams.
  • NBA G League teams hold local tryouts each offseason and can invite up to five players from these tryouts to their training camps.
  • The NBA G League holds a draft every year consisting of nearly 200 players who have signed contracts with the league. In 2016, the draft consisted of six rounds.
  • Players who return to the NBA G League are, by rule, re-acquired by the teams that they played for within the last two seasons (Returning Players).
  • Once the NBA G League season begins, players who sign NBA G League contracts are placed into a rotating waiver pool so that teams can claim them.
  • If a player from high school, college or overseas enters the NBA G League without ever having declared for the NBA Draft, he will also join the waiver pool. That player remains NBA Draft-eligible but is not eligible to be called up to the NBA.

When a new franchise joins the league, an expansion draft is held in which the new team selects 16 players from a pool of unprotected players among the league’s other teams. The expansion team will then hold that player’s NBA G League rights for two seasons. Each returning team can protect up to 12 of its players from being selected.

Who will manage/coach the team?
The Bucks will oversee the basketball staff for the new team. We anticipate making further announcements on the team’s staff in the coming months.

What is the value in owning/operating your own G League team?
Operating our own team gives up a valuable platform for developing players, coaches and even front office personnel. The team also gives us another vehicle to connect with the many passionate basketball fans across the state of Wisconsin.

How can I get a job with the team?
We will be filling out the staff of the team soon. Continue to follow the team online and via social media, as all new positions will be posted once available.

Where will the new arena be located?
The Menominee Nation Arena is slated to be built along the east side of S. Main St. just north of S. Park Ave. in Oshkosh’s new “Sawdust District.” The arena will anchor a proposed development that includes additional residential, commercial and entertainment uses.

What is the timeline for completion?
The Menominee Nation Arena is scheduled to be complete in the fall of 2017, in time for the start of the 2017-18 season.

How is the project being funded?
The Menominee Nation Arena will be privately financed by an Oshkosh group called Fox Valley Pro Basketball, which is led by Greg Pierce, the President & CIO of Windward Wealth Strategies.

What made Oshkosh a more attractive option than the other cities who submitted proposals?
The immense interest we received from communities across the state is a testament to the passion and enthusiasm of basketball fans across Wisconsin. While many communities put together incredibly b proposals, the opportunity in Oshkosh to play a leading role in helping to revitalize a portion of the city, similar to what we’re currently seeing in Milwaukee, was the perfect fit for us. We look forward to working closely with Oshkosh officials to make sure this team has a lasting impact on the community far beyond wins and losses.